Quality custom knives

proudly handcrafted on the

shores of Crooked Lake, Indiana.

Round Hole Licensed by Spyderco

Welcome to Reinhold Knives! 

My name is Michael Reinhold and I am a part-time custom knifemaker and knife designer.  My journey with knifemaking began when I was about 15 years old, using old circular saw blades and scrap pieces of wood. Although my methods and materials have continued to evolve over the years, my passion for designing and creating high quality handmade knives remains unchanged.


Each one of my knives is designed and handmade solely by me using basic power equipment and the best materials I can obtain.  I strive for perfection in every knife I make--which is why it generally takes me several months to create one folding knife.  While I prefer the challenge of making folding knives, I also enjoy making high quality fixed-bladed knives as well.  


I appreciate your interest in my work.  Thanks for visiting!


-Michael Reinhold


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